Ann Thoeny, Seattle Personal Injury Lawyer
Ann Theony

Ann Thoeny is a Seattle, Washington personal injury lawyer with 30+ years of experience as an attorney. She started her career as a public defender because she wanted to help the most vulnerable people. For 13 years, she worked in the courtroom pressing for justice and a fair trial for the least powerful people. She won her first 10 jury trials due to her persistence and hard work. In 2002, she started work as a personal injury attorney at an insurance company and found that she liked the area of law. She won the vast majority of her cases before a jury.

In 2008, Ann began working for private law firms that worked for insurance companies. Although she liked personal injury law, she knew her heart was always in helping the more vulnerable. In 2012, Ann started her practice as a plaintiff (injured party) personal injury lawyer and has never looked back. As her practice grew, she joined other lawyers who also help individuals seek justice against larger companies in different areas of the law, and they formed Boyle Martin Thoeny.

Ann knows what it is like to be physically and emotionally impacted by injuries from a car accident. She has been in three car accidents caused by another driver and has stayed at a hospital watching a loved one slowly recover from very serious injuries from a car accident

You need someone who understands your pain, has the skills and understanding of the internal workings of the insurance companies in order to navigate them, and the capability to get justice for your injuries by getting the insurance company to agree to be fair, or, in the event they cannot, by trying the case to a jury. These are the skills and experience that Ann can bring to you.

Our Philosophy

An injury due to the deliberate or negligent actions of another person or party will alter your daily routine for months, years, or more. It is our goal to pursue every opportunity to help you recover financially, physically and emotionally. Understanding what you are going through and how it has affected your life is important to transmitting that picture to an insurance professional, an attorney or a jury who will decide the value of your injury.

At Thoeny Law, we seek to get the fair value for your case as soon as possible-whether that is a settlement prior to filing the lawsuit, a mediation (negotiation with a neutral mediator), an arbitration (informal trial setting before a neutral mediator), or a jury trial.