Hire a lawyer with both criminal and civil experience in assault cases and more than 30 years of legal experience

A civil assault claim is a unique category of personal injury because it often involves both civil and criminal law. Ann Thoeny has handled civil assault claims and criminal assault trials. Her unique experience working in criminal law helps inform her approach to these claims.

Often times, civil assault claims arise because a person with authority such as a private security officer has misused that authority to apply excessive force to harm another person. Investigating and securing evidence to prove the use of excessive force is necessary to pursuing a claim. Ann Thoeny’s experience cross-examining persons of authority and reviewing evidence in a criminal case are invaluable skills for pursuing these claims.

While you can pursue a claim against any person who has assaulted you, the ability of the at-fault party to pay for the damages is often the roadblock to pursuing a claim.

Assaults are actionable whether they are intentional, reckless, or negligent; however, the availability of insurance coverage is dependent upon the factual details of each case. If you have been injured from an assault, you need a civil assault lawyer with experience to carefully assess the case.

Ann Thoeny can help you get justly compensated for medical treatment, therapy, pain and suffering, lost earnings from work, and property damage.