School Negligence

Hire an attorney with experience in settling claims for accidents at playgrounds, sports accidents at schools and private camps

When you send your child to school, summer camp or other extracurricular activity, you entrust them to others trained to help them learn and to keep them safe. While some accidents happen despite all precautions, others are preventable and happened because the school or organization or their employees did not do the job that they had promised you they would do to keep your child safe.

In Washington, a school owes a duty to employ reasonable care and to anticipate reasonably foreseeable dangers in order to protect children in their custody. Failing to provide adequate supervision, safe arenas, fields and playgrounds, and adult supervisors who behave appropriately and professionally can lead to serious injuries.

If any of these or similar potential factors are involved in your incident, you should consult with a school accident lawyer. Filing a claim against a school or similar entity responsible for supervising children can be difficult and it is important to gather the evidence to establish negligence as soon as possible. We encourage you to contact Ann to handle the legal details, while you or your loved one concentrate on getting all medical care needed to resolve your injury.