Slip & Fall

Hire a slip and fall injury lawyer with experience in complex premises liability cases

A slip or trip and fall accident can happen in an instant, and with potentially life changing injuries. When it happened because a business or property owner has failed to maintain or design the area safely, or, at the very least warn of the danger, you may have a claim against that business or property owner.

Ann Thoeny has helped clients who have been injured because of slippery or unsafe floors, iced up and frozen walkways and parking lots, faulty staircases, handrail failures, and poor lighting – all caused by negligence.

These cases are usually hard fought by the property and business owners and their insurance companies, so it is important to investigate the area as soon as possible and document the condition as well as employ building and other experts to analyze code violations.You need an attorney with experience to address the issues of medical care, inability to work, and a debilitating injury. Ann Thoeny has the experience and dedication to represent you in these complex premises liability cases, and she encourages you to contact her to handle the legal details while you or your loved one concentrate on getting medical care to resolve your injury.