Wrongful Death

Hire an attorney with experience with wrongful death and can provide you with a roadmap to navigate this difficult time

Losing a loved one is one of the most difficult experiences you will go through in life. When it is caused by the carelessness of a corporation, company policy, police officer, vehicle operator or any person or entity, it can leave you feeling even more hurt and sometimes angry.

You can take some control by holding the person or entity responsible for the wrongful death of your loved one and receive compensation that will never replace the loss, but can provide an acknowledgement of responsibility and possibly a cause for change.

Wrongful death actions have another layer of complication because of issues involving notification of all heirs, inheritance, and other financial concerns. Ann Thoeny has experience with wrongful death causes of action and can provide you with a roadmap to navigate the many issues and questions that arise during this time.

Hiring an attorney to help you through this process is a very important decision. If you have questions about the wrongful death of your loved one, please call Ann Thoeny for a consultation.