Read what Ann’s clients have to say about her services.

Ann is an intelligent, experienced attorney with a great attitude and very high personal integrity. She provides excellent counsel with a positive human touch. Her passion for her clients and their needs are unsurpassed. She was an absolute pleasure to work with.

Carmen E.

The statue of limitations was running out for my case but Ann was willing to accept it. We were successful in getting a settlement. Ann was creative by filing a secondary claim and we received an additional settlement from that insurance company. I appreciated her splendid work on my case.


My experience with Ann Thoeny was excellent. She was successful in bringing a satisfactory resolution to my complaint. . . She was available and responded to any and all questions or problems I had at all times. I have the greatest trust and confidence in her, and know she does her very best to resolve a problem and goes above and beyond to get a favorable ending. I highly recommend her to anyone who needs legal counsel. Thank you, Ann, for a great job!


I was involved an an L&I auto accident and Ann contacted me after being hired by the State of Washington to attempt to recover damages from the at-fault driver that hit me. Ann did an excellent job representing the state, and me, and was able to arrange a settlement that I thought was fair. Since then my wife and I were hit by a DUI driver and now Ann is handling that case for both of us, and again doing a great job.


I was in a terrible car crash on I-5 at 65 MPH when someone lost control of their car due to distraction and then over-correcting. I was in the back seat and sustained injuries (torn ligaments) from the seat belt as well as neck and bruised ribs. I sought Ann’s help after the insurance companies constantly harassed me, discounted my injuries, questioned my treatment, and then refused to pay and forced me to use my insurance I got from my work place. She got me a fair settlement, and gave me a lot of peace.


Ms. Thoeny has exceptional organizational skills, as evidenced in how she arranged all the medical data in my case. She is also exceptional in communication skills. I believe I never waited more than 10 minutes to any response (even on weekends and when she was on vacation!) from an email. I heartily recommend Ms. Thoeny in liability cases.


My wife had a personal injury with a corporate retail food establishment. it was a legitimate claim, unlike most. we had sought out a few law counselors that turned out to be, in large part a waste of time. then came Anne. as astute in law as I may be, she was:

  • extremely knowledgeable in personal injury.
  • exceptionally easy to work with …
  • prompt in responses in all facets.
  • I had documented info, recorded conversations, took pictures, and provided detailed info….

I highly recommend that you do your due diligence and sit with this counselor. I have no problem saying who we are………I love this gal…..
p.s. nice job counselor!

Marc L.

I’m happy to recommend Ann Thoeny, she is the best personal injury lawyer in Washington State. She did an amazing job on my son’s case, who was injured in a summer accident. Ann was always in contact and she returned my emails promptly. Ann always kept me in the loop and informed me on the progress of the case. She never asked us for money and Ann advanced all the expenses for the case moving forward. Ann was very professional and easy to work with throughout the case. She would always ask me to read the documents first before summiting them to the other lawyers. Ann Thoeny was a dream to work with and I highly recommend her.

Wayne S.

My wife had a personal injury with a corporate retail food establishment. it was a legitimate claim, unlike most. we had sought out a few law counselors that turned out to be, in large part a waste of time. then came Anne. as astute in law as I may be, she was:

Byron M.

I had fired my first attorney, it was a injury “mill” They did nothing for 2 weeks. Ann got right to work and with in days she had settled on the personal property. Great hard working, thoughtful, intelligent work, with still having empathy for the challenges and emotional needs at a crisis time for you in life, when you are not able to make decisions.

Eric R.

An extraordinary law firm! Exceeded my expectations regarding my personal injury case. Always available to answer my questions. I would recommend this law firm to everyone!!

Keturah W.

Hiring Thoeny Law firm after the initial interview , i feel was a great decision and I’m looking forward to working with my appointed attorney

Molotov P.

I felt that we understood each other quite well and that Ann had a good chance to see my health concerns first hand. My injuries have been so painfully real for a whole year now that I know that your research will show conclusively the staff’s negligence and responsibility for my conditions.

Karen M.

Ann negotiated a settlement that was above and beyond what they normally allow for my type of injury. Highly recommend her.

John B.

We are in the process still but I have great expectations for the outcome.

Mara S.

Ann explained jargon and process to my satisfaction and gained a fair settlement for me.

Alice L.

Excellent experience and very helpful. Ann is awesome.

Srujan B.

I would recommend Ann Thoeny to anyone, because of her professionalism and her ability to be sympathetic to my needs.

Kenneth H.